Rank above your competitors in the search engine results.
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Rank above your competitors in the search engine results.
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SEO to Outrank Your Competitors

When people are searching for the products and services your business offers your website needs to be in top positions to get their attention.

Our proven SEO process first identifies your weaknesses and strengths. We know that being in the top results as soon as possible can have a major impact on your business so we focus on quick-win areas first then follow-up with a comprehensive push forward.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Knowing that we play by the rules and are still able to achieve top rankings for our clients give both us and them peace of mind. SEO can be a double-edged sword that if applied without respect for the search engine’s rules can lead to strict penalties on your websites which could potentially destroy your business’ earning potential.

By keeping our white hats on while we work with you we future-proof your website from any manual or algorithmic penalties.  Enjoy stress-free top rankings for your website and business.

White Hat SEO Strategies
White Hat SEO

White-Hat, Best Practices Local SEO for Dentists

One of the things our dentist clients love about how we do SEO is our level of transparency. We inform and educate them on what we are doing, how we are doing it and why.

With open communication comes information from our clients which reveals details that we can take advantage of when enhancing their Google search engine rankings. It also produces a level of trust and confidence in our efforts when our clients know that the strategies we are implementing follow best practices.

Knowing that our ranking efforts are white-hat gives our clients the satisfaction in knowing that their money is being well-spent towards producing higher rankings without sacrificing their website’s and their businesses’ integrity and Google rankings.

SEO Progress Reporting

SEO Progress Reports

Each month we will share a progress report with you. Our SEO progress reports explain, in layman’s terms, all the areas we focused on during the previous period, our areas of focus for the upcoming month and the current ranking positions compared to the previous month for all the keywords we target.