NetVisits Web Directory
NetVisits Web Directory

NetVisits Submission Guidelines

NetVisits Web Directory is a professionally run service created to provide the web with an organized collection of quality website to limit search effort.

Here are the guidelines we check for when reviewing a site.

!Please Note! We reserve the right to refuse any submission that does not pass the requirements of our submission guidelines as well as any website that we deem to be innapropriate for our directory. We also reserve the right to edit submissions during the review process to help ensure they meet our guidelines.

Submission fees are non-refundable and payment does not ensure that your submission will be accepted. Payment is for the review process only.

Site Suitability Check

Do not submit your site if:
Your site contains illegal material and/or is associated with or promotes illegal occurences.
» Your site is an affiliate site
» It redirects the user to another page

Your description can have a maximum of 200 characters and should accurately describe your website without using persuasive or promotional language. Descriptions are to be as complete as possible using up as much of the 200 character limit as needed.
Strive to make your keywords as relevant as possible as this will be how people will find you when they use the directory search. Keyords should be written with a space as the separator and not commas. Eg. "search engine optimization seo search engine ranking seo articles"
You must choose the "MOST" relevant category for your website.