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When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”
– Joe Paterno


I have learned throughout my professional career that the success of a digital marketing team lays on a foundation which consists of several elements including:

  • Trust (in the people you work with and to verify as needed)
  • Excellence (doing your best at all times)
  • Ambition (wanting to learn more, do more and be more)
  • Mentorship (supporting the growth and development of other team members)
  • Wisdom (to make smart decisions and to learn from the others)
  • Openness (always working with full transparency)
  • Respect (for clients, coworkers, everyone)
  • Kindness (understanding that we are people first and employees after)

At NetVisits, our company culture is laid on this foundation. Too often we hear our clients stories of their previous burn and churn experiences with freelancers and agencies. We strive for life-long relationships with our clients whether we have an active project with them or not. When they need the services that fall under our umbrella, to push for further success, we want them to think of us. Not just the name, but the people and the service behind it.

– A Duncan, Founder